Web Sites

For many clients, the end purpose is not only an attractive and functional website, but also one that gives them the ability to act as their own administrators.

I do not post websites that I no longer control as administrator, since the design and functionality may significantly change after I hand over control. Screenshots of noteworthy designs may be found in my Graphics Design portfolio.

 Click on any link to follow it to the "live" site.

Molson Museums
Debye Delorean, with design partner Debye Delorean
Molson Farms
Okanogan Democrats


Landing Pages

Landing pages are standalone pages that add greater presence for SEO and point the viewers to your main site. They may just be a simple statement page, or they may include a "call to action" button or link, which asks the viewer to participate in the page. This action can be a form for a newsletter, a link to your main site, or a button that performs some sort of action. They are very useful to drive viewers to your site.

Twirly Skirt Tunes - a simple Landing Page, with design partner Debye Delorean
Disaster Prep
Home Defense

Campaign Email Templates

Email templates first represent your business visually, so that your end customer immediately knows who sent it. Second, it gets your message out fast. It can look just like your web page or even your brick-and-mortar building to make the connection. There are many types of email services that can send out mass mailings, I chose MailChimp for the following example. I used MailChimp for a recent marketing program and it has excellent reporting parameters. Templates can be saved for future use, etc.

Email Example