Fine Art

I have been a Fine Artist for many years. I am presently collaborating on a book project. I am either coordinating art or painting/drawing the art and also handling all of the digital aspects to make it printer-ready. I am an oil painter first and foremost, but also work with acrylics, including using them for murals. My most recent mural is 50ft long and 10 ft high, and can be found on the front of the Grange building in Molson, Washington.

I use my digital skills to enhance projects or to bring them to completion in the case of printed art and books.

At present, please refer to my rather extensive fine art portfolio via this Facebook link. (It is a simple link, it will take you directly to this particular portfolio and you do not have to sign on to FaceBook) I started it years ago and it now holds most of my catalog.

I will be replacing this link with a more refined portfolio directly onto this site as time permits.